The IPO Industrial Park can be very well accessed by any means of transport.

Road Transport

When you can take road No. 324 you will access a large traffic interchange in the proximity of the Industrial Park. From there you can get to the R35 expressway and also to the D11 motorway (this connection of the Industrial Park to D11 is only about 5 km long).

The road I/37 (Pardubice – Hradec Králové) also passes next to the Industrial Park. You can get to it either from the above mentioned interchange or there is a connection to it near the village of Hrobice. This road is significant mainly for the region as it connects the agglomeration Chrudim – Pardubice – Hradec Králové.


The Opatovice power station site has its own railway infrastructure which is connected to the public railway network.

Air Transport

In Pardubice, there is an international airport with a combined civil and military operation for IFR and VFR flights. The airport is included in the network of five backbone airports in the Czech Republic. It is located approximately 4 km from the city centre and 2 km from the railway Prague – Vienna with a container loading station.  It is situated directly at the road Prague – Pardubice, 2 km from a planned river harbour and 10 km from a planned route of D11 motorway.

The civil airport in Pardubice is an airport border crossing.   

In Hradec Králové, there is a public domestic and private international airport of 2B category. 
The location of the airport is 4 km NE from the city centre (50°15´15" N - 015°50´43" E).